The Poke-Style Dessert Chocolate Cake Recipe -

The Poke-Style Dessert Chocolate Cake Recipe

Dessert Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes have been known to bring a world of delight to our taste buds from time immemorial. Try remembering those days when our moms would hand out those moist chocolate slices at the end of dinner; oh, what fun we had back in the day!

The Basic Idea Of making a Poke Dessert Chocolate Cake

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You can start by making a simple devil’s food cake or any chocolate cake that appeals to you. If you have a scratch recipe, you may use that. Boxes could work if used properly. If the regular chocolate mix suits you, you can also use that. 

After baking the cake, poke some holes through it. Use a spoon’s handle or a sharpening rod, whichever you’d prefer. So long 

After that, as it is long and slender, it can serve. 

After that, choose your filling.

Some bakers use plain or sweetened milk in pouring all over the cake. If you like a better taste, you could use chocolate ganache or any other sweet filling. Chocolate ganache can be made by melting chocolate with sweetened milk. After mix and use on the cake.

After that, you can top off the cake with a chocolate whipped cream filled with chocolate chips and sauce. Chocolaty, right?

That should be your target for making this cake. Each bite should drive the chocolatey flavor right through the mouth to every part of the body. And of course, there can’t be too much chocolate in your cake, so quit worrying about that.

The more chocolate there is. The merrier the cake,

First, the ingredients required.

For the Chocolate Cake

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About 14 oz or more of sweetened condensed milk

15.25 oz box Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix, in-box ingredients inclusive.

1 cup of chocolate chips

For the Chocolate Whipped Cream Topping

  • Half cup of powdered sugar
  • Two cups of heavy whipping cream
  • A box of chocolate chips
  • Half a tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • A quarter cup and two tablespoons of cocoa
  • A can of chocolate sauce 

Baking Instructions

  1. Follow the box directions and bake the cake appropriately in a 9×13 baking pan.
  2. Immediately after the cake gets done, poke holes all-round the top.
  3. Mix the condensed milk and chocolate chips, then put them in a microwave oven. The mixture should heat up in 30 seconds or 1 minute.
  4. Whisk the chocolate and milk together in a bowl. When the mixture is smooth, keep it aside. If the chocolate needs to be melted, use the microwave oven.
  5.  Fill the holes with the chocolate mixture until no more mixture can enter.
  6. Allow the cake to cool. That should take an hour max. After that, refrigerate the cake till it becomes completely cooled.
  7. Mix the topping ingredients and also refrigerate till it is ready to serve.
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