The Goodness Of Cherry Dessert Recipes

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Cherries are small, delicious & nutrient packed fruits. These are one of the most liked & utilized ingredients for preparation of desserts. Addition of cherries to a dish can instantly make the dish complete. The color of the cherries also provides the dish a great visual. It is definitely a treat to make a dish with cherries and specially to enjoy the dish later.

Nutritional benefits of cherries

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Cherries are the tastiest source of Vitamins, especially vitamin C. The Vitamin C helps in maintaining the immunity & also keeps the skin healthy. Cherries are rich the fiber content. The consumption of cherries will definitely keep you free of any digestive or bowel regulatory issues.

Cherry Dessert Recipes

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Since, cherries increase the taste quotient quite prominently, some delicious recipes are given below that will make your meal complete.

  • Cherry Ice cream- A refreshing and tasty flavor of ice cream is Cherry Ice cream. It is as simple as it sounds. You just need to whip up the ingredients for ice cream & add the prepared puree of cherries. You will enjoy the creamy, sweet & a bit tangy ice cream after chilling. You can add some chocolate syrup at the top to complete the tasty experience.
  • Chocolate Cherry Brownie– A surreal combination of cherry & chocolate will make your mood happy. Just add some of the pureed cherries to the chocolate brownie mixture. Prepare it similarly as you prepare the chocolate brownies. Enjoy the tangy taste of cherries along with the chocolaty brownie. A whole new experience of sweet & tangy taste will force you to make this recipe again.
  • Chocolate cherry loaf– Though this recipe sounds like a dry bread, but it surely is not. The addition cherry & its juice gives it the texture of a soft cake. The cherries make it so soft that the piece will just melt in your mouth. Try adding some crunch to the recipe by addition of nuts.
  • Black forest cake with cherries– Have you ever tried a multilayered cake? Did it ever turn dry because of lesser cream in between the layers? If yes, then you should surely try to add some chopped cherries in the middle of the layers. The sweet, tangy and juicy taste of the cherries will never let your black forest cake go dry. The cherry juice will keep cake layers moist. The tang of the cherry will just go perfect with the cream & cake.


The listed recipes are just a few of what you can try. Adding cherries to a dish will provide a very innovative twist to your dish. You can start with cherry pie & also experiment by adding the cherries in cookie dough. You will be simply surprised to taste the sweet, tangy cherry cookies. Finally, it is the desire of your taste & cherries come along as the prop like in a dance. You can do whatever you like & guilt free because of the nutritional benefits of cherries.

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