Quick and Easy Dessert Ideas for a crowd

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If you fall under the category of people that enjoys parties and attend as many as humanly possible, you probably also have to go through the trouble of throwing one yourself every now and then. Throwing parties can be just as much fun as attending one, if not more. Being in charge of decor, themes, guest lists and food gives a different sort of adrenaline rush. One thing that can really make or break the deal is the dessert you serve. Not only the taste but also the variety you offer, the guests are sure to bicker if you serve the same dessert menu every single time. Not to worry, we have some easy and quick dessert recipes to make you shine and completely leave the crowd wanting more.

Oreo Cookie Balls

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Who does not love Oreo cookies? There is nothing better than a dessert made completely out of these cookies, it is so simple to make and serve and you will probably have people bugging you for the recipe. All you need are Oreo’s and some vanilla frosting. Dump a big pack of Oreo into your food processor and give it a whirl, now add some frosting to the crushed cookies and combine them well. You will now have a gooey mixture all ready to roll into little bite sized balls, next you need to melt some chocolate and coat the cookie balls. Add fun sprinkles of your choice, freeze your creation for 15 minutes and you are all set to serve. This dessert will certainly make you the star of the show and just a little tip keep an extra batch ready in your kitchen because you will run out of these really quick.

Chocolate-Peanut Clusters

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If you are dealing with a crowd that focuses on heathy eating this is exactly what you should be serving. It is extremely easy to make and will leave your company in awe of how amazing this concoction of heavenly dark chocolate and salty peanuts is. You literally need only two ingredients, dark chocolate and salted peanuts. You can either use a double boiler or a microwave to save you more time, add some chopped up dark chocolate into a bowl and melt it with a spoonful of butter. Make sure to stir this mixture in between to avoid burning. Meanwhile the chocolate is melting lay down a layer of peanuts on your baking sheet and drizzle the melted chocolate on top, let it cool. Your sweet and salty chocolate goodness is ready, set it on the table and watch your guests devour.


What is the last thing served at every party? Dessert! That makes desserts the most important part of the menu, you do not want your guests leaving with a bad aftertaste. Make sure you do not serve an excessive variety of desserts, this will confuse the guests and you will have to deal with loads of leftovers. It’s best to minimize the variety and create something that serves everyone’s taste buds. These recipes will help you pave your way as the dessert master. Happy cooking!

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