Making a Chocolate Ball dessert – A Delicious Take on an Old Tradition

chocolate ball dessert

These are then covered with chocolate pieces for the coating, which is then baked in a heated oven. The name chocolate cake is based on this popular confectionery item. It was first created more than 2021 years ago in Sweden.

Chocolate balls or cakes can be very simply made with ingredients such as plain old baking soda and butter and then coated with chocolate chips. You can also substitute other food items such as almonds instead of chocolate chips, and then coat them with a coating of coconut oil. Alternatively, you could use raisins instead of chocolate chips, and coat them with coconut oil. These recipes will make delicious chocolate balls with practically no preparation time.

A Surprise Inside Your Family Freezer

You can even make these delicious creations to take home as a surprise inside your family freezer. You can also bake a chocolate ball dessert to take along on a picnic or a camping trip. You could even make these to take home as a gift to friends and family who you haven’t seen in a while. One of my fond memories of taking picnics would include one of our favorite family memories, which would be having chocolate ball desserts. For this gift you could supply enough chocolate balls or bars that the whole family could share.

You can also make a chocolate ball dessert out of delicious fruit such as strawberries, prunes, pineapples, nectarines, kiwi slices, avocado and mangoes. These fruits are very rich in nutrients and can add a lot of flavor to your dessert. A nice combination of flavors would be to mix up some strawberry pieces with the peaches and nectarines, and also mix up some mint leaves with the pineapples and prunes. A good combination to incorporate would be chocolate, prune, mint leaves and a little bit of strawberry.

The Fillings

A close up of a chocolate cake

When making a chocolate ball dessert you can use different kinds of fillings. The fillings can be made from anything that you like. You can also make chocolate balls from pureed fruit, chocolate ganache, sugar free pudding mix, ice cream, chocolate chips and more. The filling can be made from any of these items that you like. I like to use frozen fruit for a dessert because it keeps it moist while it is freezing.

As for the chocolate dessert recipe you will need to gather all of your supplies. The basic recipe will require you to gather 3 boxes of chocolate balls, a bag of jello, and some chocolate flavored syrup. There are many different chocolate recipe websites on the internet that have different recipes for chocolate desserts. You can also search for various “how-to” recipes. There is no right or wrong way to make a chocolate dessert, as long as you enjoy yourself and keep your family members and guests happy.


When making a chocolate ball dessert you will want to line the bottom of each chocolate ball shell with chocolate shavings. To prevent burning, you will want to put the balls into the freezer for a few minutes between each one.

When you first make this dessert, you will want to use vegetable fat as a melting agent, but this can be found in many different foods. Another option is to use shortening (buttermilk will work as well). These are just a few of the many options you have when making a chocolate dessert.

Final Words

To get started with the freezing, you will need to line a sheet of waxed paper with the shortening (buttermilk will work) and place the chocolate balls in the middle of the sheet. Once you have frozen them, remove them from the waxed paper and place on a cooling rack. You will want to keep the chocolate in an airtight container so that it does not melt while it is still in the freezer. When it is time to serve, simply pour the melted chocolate over the finished dessert and serve it to your family and friends.

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