How to Make Your Magic Cup Dessert Chocolate Like a Professional Cook -

How to Make Your Magic Cup Dessert Chocolate Like a Professional Cook

magic cup dessert chocolate

What is so special about Magic Cup Dessert Mix? Chocolate is one of the most popular tastes loved by all. It goes with almost every type of party. The magic of chocolate is the reason behind its popularity. This is the main reason that manufacturers of this kind of mix are continually coming out with new flavors.

Chocolate Drinks And Desserts

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For people who love chocolate, nothing beats having their chocolate drinks and desserts in the nicest shape possible. The way chocolate fountains are made and designed adds more grace to the drink. The magic of mixing the right ingredients is needed to come up with a perfect drink. It is not easy, though. You need to use your imagination and taste to develop the kind of chocolate fondue you want to make.

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Creating A Perfect Chocolate Fondue

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When it comes to creating the perfect chocolate fondue, you need to choose the right kind of chocolate. There are certain chocolate varieties like white, milk, dark, semi-sweet, and bitter. You can choose from these depending on the flavor you want to achieve in your chocolate fondue. If you prefer milk chocolate, you can mix it with brandy and cream cheese. If you want the dark variety of chocolate, it can be combined with butter or shortening.

Also, other flavors like fudge, coffee, caramel, and peanut can be added to your chocolate mixture. When making coffee chocolate, you should add the espresso and hot milk. For the caramel, you can add sugar or brown sugar. For fudge, honey and cream are essential. And last but not least, you can mix up vanilla.


For the cupcakes, you can use any of the frosting recipes provided in the Chocolate Cup eBook. Some of the frostings include but are not limited to whipped topping, chocolate pudding, chocolate eclair, lemon and orange butter, peanut butter, and cream cheese. To make a smooth and spreadable frosting, you can use a pastry tip at low speed. The Chocolate Cup eBook has step by step instructions that you can follow.

Sprinkle Chocolate Chips

As for the garnishments, you can try sprinkling some chocolate chips as well as blueberries, cherries, and raspberries. Another great option is to dip the cupcakes in a yogurt frosting. You can also serve the chocolate fondue hot or cold and mix it with maple or orange juice.

Apart from Chocolate-Cup Desserts, you can also serve Tea-Desserts. There are several options that you can choose from. These are such an amazing combination, especially when served together. The recipe can be prepared as ice cream, chocolate cake, cookies, and cream sandwiches. It’s also possible to prepare tea infusions as well as chocolate-flavored coffees.

There is another magic cup combo that will amaze your taste buds. It’s called “Chocolate Caramel.” For this, you need to melt some chocolate and then pour it over half a cup of hot water. Afterward, it should still be warm.

Place Some Sugar And Cocoa Powder

After that, you should place some sugar and cocoa powder in the pan of a double boiler and stir it till it melts. Then, you should let it steep for a few minutes to prepare the chocolate sauce. Then, you can add a small packet of instant chocolate pudding mix and vanilla essence as well as sugar. Mix it all until the mixture turns into a thick consistency. This chocolate sauce will give you a sweet caramel flavor.

You should also add some milk and a bit of sugar so that your chocolate tastes sweet. When serving it, you can drizzle some chocolate icing on the cupcake. You can also drizzle a bit of chocolate on your cookies or cakes. Just make sure that you do not overdo it because it will ruin the actual chocolate’s taste. However, if you want to have a bit of fun with it, you can drizzle some icing on your cake as well.

Final Words

The magic cup dessert chocolate needs three to five water bowls, two teaspoons of vanilla essence, a tablespoon of chocolate syrup, a tablespoon of butter, and a half cup of milk. You should also make sure that you have enough ice so that your guests do not have a problem cooling down. Lastly, remember that a great way to impress your friends is by making it look like a complicated but delicious dessert.

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