How to Make a Chocolate Laced Dessert -

How to Make a Chocolate Laced Dessert

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Chocolate Laced Dessert is such a wonderful layered pudding dessert that taste incredible and look absolutely stunning, but can also be so simple to whip up yourself! It is made using a delicious white chocolate chip crust which is topped with thin layers of pumpkin puree, pudding, and cool whip. This chocolate laced dessert is ideal for all the chocolate loving family. Your kids will love it and so will you!

Ingredients And Equipment

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First of all you need to gather all the ingredients and equipment. You will need; two pans, about two cups of very sweet chocolate chips, about three quarters of a cup of butter, two cups of sugar, four eggs, one teaspoon of vanilla and approximately two to three tablespoons of salt. These make a great base for your chocolate layered dessert recipe. The chocolate chips can be prepared by you by using a food processor or you can prepare them by placing the chips in a bowl and gently crushing them with your fingers.

Next You Will Need To Prepare The Crusts

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Prepare a Graham cracker crust by using Graham crackers of different sizes and shapes. Place the chocolate chips on the Graham crackers and arrange them evenly on the bottom of the pan. You can use a fork to spread the chocolate delight over the crust. If there are any large pieces of chocolate which have been chopped off the crust, these can be hidden in the chocolate mixture.

Now it’s time to prepare the other components of this chocolate layered dessert recipe. You will need about two cups of very sweetened dry pudding mix. This pudding mix tastes delicious and has a very rich texture. You can substitute dried fruits for pudding if you do not have this mixture. Another ingredient you will need for your chocolate pudding recipe is one pack of instant chocolate pudding mix. There are also other recipes available which include white and brown sugar as well as molasses.

One very important thing to keep in mind when making this type of dessert, especially if you choose a dessert with lots of sugar is that you should serve the dessert at room temperature. Another very important factor that should also be kept in mind, is to keep your chocolate layered dessert warm. You can do this by putting the dessert in the refrigerator before serving it to your guests.

Things Required To Make The Dessert

To make this dessert, first you will need a nine x 13 pan. Line the bottom of the pan with wax paper. In a microwave safe bowl, place half a cup of the chocolate pudding mix and one cup of the instant chocolate pudding mix. Stir until the chocolate pudding mixture begins to blend. Once blended, add the second cup of chocolate pudding mix until smooth. Pour this batter over the cooled semi-baked crust and press down gently so that the cake does not slide off the pan.


Cut the cooled cake into two pieces. Place one half on each of your lined pan. Use your spatula or a fork to flip the piece over so that it is flat and level. In the center, place a scoop of whipped cream and smooth out over the warm chocolate pudding layer. Repeat with the second piece of cake. Frost the entire thing and you are all set to enjoy this delicious chocolate pudding dessert.

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