How To Create A Fancy Look With A Chocolate Coconut Dessert

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Chocolate Coconut Dessert is a combination of coconut milk and chocolate sauce. The recipe is extremely simple and a perfect way to spend a few minutes in front of the television while you are waiting for the rest of your guests to arrive. It is a very simple dessert and the ingredients used are mostly common and readily available. In fact, it is more often prepared at home than it is served at restaurants. In this article we will see how to prepare chocolate coconut dessert.

Ready-made Chocolate Crumble

First we have the chocolate coconut dessert. It can be prepared in many ways and we will see several examples below. You can either make it from scratch or you can buy ready-made chocolate crumble. If you choose to make it from scratch, then just follow the recipe given on the back of the packet. The only change that you will have to make in this dessert recipe is in the choice of ingredients.

You will need to buy a pack of vanilla ice-cream and a packet of unsweetened natural chocolate (preferably from a health food store). Pure chocolate usually has a higher sugar content than other types of chocolate and it tastes great. You will also need two bowls, a large bowl and a small one – you can use a smaller one if it is going to be a bit smaller. You will also need some pitted and finely chopped coconut to prepare the chocolate coconut dessert.

Crushed Chocolate And Vanilla Essence

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Place all these ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir them thoroughly until they are completely mixed. Now you can add the crushed chocolate and vanilla essence and mix it all until the ingredients are completely combined. Next you will want to place the uncooked and pitted coconut into your two smaller bowls and fill them with cool water. At this point you can also add about one teaspoon of your chosen natural sweetener.

After this you will want to gently stir the contents of the two smaller bowls until the ingredients are completely combined. The uncooked and pitted coconut meat should be well incorporated into the mixture. Once this is done you can add the cooled mixture to your large bowl and add the vanilla essence. You can also add your desired amount of sweetener and sweetened condensed milk, if you wish to have a smooth and creamy dessert.

Electric Oven

One of the best ways to make your chocolate coconut dessert come to life is to serve it in an electric oven. Electric ovens are a lot cheaper than gas ovens which makes them the obvious choice for many people. However, using an electric oven also means that you do not have to stand by the hot oven for hours on end. You can place all of your ingredients and put your dessert into the oven at roughly 20 minutes before removing them. This gives you a very quick dessert that is guaranteed to be a big hit with your family and guests.


If you are worried about running out of food to cook when you are entertaining guests at your home, it is perfectly acceptable to prepare a small amount of this dessert and then let everyone enjoy themselves. This is far less time consuming and can give you a nice quiet evening in the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but preparing chocolate coconut dessert is a lot easier than most people think. By using soy milk, non-hydrogenated oils, and canned fruits you can create a delicious dessert in literally no time at all.

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