Here Are Some Cakes And Dessert Ideas For Your Sweet Craving

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

A cake is a sweet food item that is made from a combination of flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder which is generally baked in the oven. On the other hand, dessert is a combination of several kinds of sweet dishes, which are generally taken after the main meal. Dessert can also be referred to as the last course of the meal. Dessert consists of cakes, ice creams, and few more sweet dishes. In some countries, cakes and dessert are an essential part of the meal. There are several varieties of cakes and dessert.


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Let us see some popular varieties of cake

Cupcakes-Cupcakes are very popular for casual treats and small parties. Cupcakes are available in a number of flavors and varieties.

Wedding Cakes-Wedding cakes are very creamy cakes that are very common in wedding ceremonies and reception parties. They are also having several kinds of sizes and varieties.

Sponge Cake-Sponge cakes do not contain baking powder and are made up of lots of eggs.

Biscuit Cake-Biscuit Cake is also similar to Sponge Cake but the whites and yolks are separated.

Red Velvet Cake-They is made up of butter or oil. They also make use of buttermilk and cocoa powder. They often symbolize love and faith.

Carrot Cake-This cake contains grated carrots which are used for making the cake moist. You can also add walnuts and pecans if required.


A close up of a piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Just like cakes, dessert also has a very big family. Let us see some of the variations of the dessert family.

Ice-Cream-This is one of the most popular items of the dessert family. You can hardly find a person who is a hater of ice cream.

Small Cakes and Pastries-You cannot separate cakes and pastries from this family. They are an essential part of this family.

Custards- Made with fruits and custard powder, they are the best substitutes for ice cream. They can be easily made in our homes with very little effort.

Cookies-Cookies are baked food that looks like biscuits of round or flat shape. They are made up of chocolates, raisins, oats,  nuts, etc.

Sweet Soups-Sweet Soups have naturally occurring sweetness which makes them a top preference for dessert lovers.

Chocolates and Candies- It is a popular dessert amongst small children.

Consequences Of Being Habitual

Since both cakes and dessert have a substantial amount of sugar in them. So if a person develops a habit of consuming too many cakes and dessert, he may suffer from health problems including obesity and diabetes. A study shows that even a small amount of sugar can increase your weight quite quickly. It is not always the case when the cakes and dessert makers use pure ingredients for making them. So one should be very careful that they do not become habitual towards cakes and dessert.


It can be concluded that cakes and dessert have lots of varieties, especially dessert has a very huge family. They offer a great taste for their lovers. But they can affect our health if consumed regularly.

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