Healthy Mini Cheesecakes Ideas

Cheese is one of the most difficult foods to maintain a healthy diet-regime around. It’s high in fat, calories, and cholesterol; it’s also addictive (meaning that if you eat too much cheese, you can’t stop). So what are some ways to enjoy cheese without all the guilt? Here are three delicious options for healthy mini cheesecakes!

pumpkin spiced healthy mini cheesecakes

A close up of a cake

You could make these adorable little pumpkin spiced healthy mini cheesecakes with gingerbread crusts. The recipe uses light cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese so they’re not as heavy. Plus there’s no sugar added – just honey for sweetness. These would be perfect at Thanksgiving or any other time you need an easy dessert idea!

chocolate cheesecake

A piece of bread on a plate

If you like chocolate as much as I do, then you might like these chocolate cheesecake cupcakes! They’re made with Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese so they have a velvety texture and are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The recipe makes 24 mini cheesecakes, so it’s perfect for sharing or if you just want a lot of dessert options.

almond ricotta skillet cheesecake

Finally, this almond ricotta skillet healthy mini cheesecakes is great because it bakes in the oven without any mixing bowls. It has honey instead of sugar, but it’s still decadent thanks to ricotta cheese and slivered almonds on top. To make this healthier version, just use egg whites instead of whole eggs and plain almond milk instead of almond extract or vanilla paste. You’ll never know the difference!

vegan ricotta mini cheesecakes

These vegan ricotta healthy mini cheesecakes with raspberry swirls are made with tofu and almond milk to cut down on fat and cholesterol. Since they’re baked, they require a little more effort but I promise it’s worth it! This recipe makes 18 mini cakes which seems like a lot of baking, but you’ll be happy you did when the first batch is gone!

Apple mini cheesecakes

I saved the best for last! These incredible apple cheesecake bars are made with dates instead of processed sugar. The crust is almost like oatmeal cookie dough, and the only “cheese” in the recipe are two kinds of non-dairy yogurt. If you wanted to make this healthier, you could use plain cocoa powder in place of chocolate chips and egg replacer for eggs to cut down on fat and cholesterol even more.

That’s all folks! I hope you’ll try some or all of these healthy mini cheesecakes recipes – they’re perfect anytime but especially when your sweet tooth is calling!


One of the best things about healthy mini cheesecakes is that there are so many different ways to make them. You could go classic with a chocolate crust and strawberry topping, or you could get creative by making mini cheesecakes in fun shapes like stars, hearts, or flowers! These healthy mini cheesecakes will show you how easy it can be to whip up delicious desserts for any occasion.

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