Healthy Desserts Is Possible

Healthy Desserts: Is That Truly Possible?

Healthy dessert isn’t a thing we have heard of even a decade ago. And now, just like any other part of the meal, we have healthy desserts! We all love desserts, but how about this latest buzz about unhealthy eating? Is there a chance of finding a healthy dessert? Let’s get some ideas and tips.

Why Are Desserts Not Good For Your Health?

Answering this question would help us to get some ideas and recipes. First of all many desserts are high in saturated fats. Some of them contain trans fats, which are extremely unhealthy. This one reason why most desserts cannot be considered healthy.

These fats can cause your bad cholesterol level to go up. Excessive consumption of such desserts can lead to developing various heart and blood vessel diseases. So, now we know that a healthy dessert should not be rich in fats. But is it possible? It surely is.

How To Pick Healthy Desserts?

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The rule of a thumb in picking a healthy dessert is to look for organic and fresh ingredients in it. Here is one good example. There is a pumpkin pie dessert recipe. It contains grated pumpkin, sugar, flour, egg, and margarine. Margarine is the unhealthiest ingredient. It is made out of vegetable oil. They get highly processed and get turned into trans fats.

How To Turn This Into A Healthy Dessert?

You can simply substitute the margarine with organic vegetable oil. You should use refine or purified corn or sunflower oil and your pumpkin pie would turn out as delicious as that with margarine.

Sugar Can Kill Healthy Desserts

Another unwholesome ingredient of desserts is sugar. It ruins your teeth and it keeps the sugar level in your blood high. This could lead to developing such grave diseases as diabetes. Plus, sugar contains lots of calories and makes you gain weight.

Low-Calorie Sweet Desserts Recipes
Low-Calorie Sweet Desserts Recipes

So, what can you do about it? For one, you can cut down the amount of sugar in your homemade dessert. People in America make things too sweet. This leads to many negative consequences. Besides diabetes and obesity, people deal with another problem. Their taste buds become less sensitive to the sweetness of foods. In a while, people report that such sweet fruits as strawberries or bananas cease to be sweet to them.

They cannot discern the taste of natural products. So, cutting down your sugar in desserts is the best thing you can do. In a while, your taste buds would recover their ability to discern sweet taste and you would not crave for sugar so much. Besides, you can substitute sugar in your desserts with honey or molasses. These products are more organic and less processed than sugar. Thus, they are healthier.

Go The Unprocessed Way

So, another rule of a thumb for a healthy dessert is to use unprocessed ingredients. You may use whole grain flour in your recipes. It has a rich content of various essential nutrients, as well as fiber. Moreover, it contains fewer carbs in it.

Healthy desserts are not hoax or myth. Hopefully, these simple tips on healthy dessert ideas would help you to enjoy your life and stay healthy.

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