Delicious Keto Chocolate Desserts -

Delicious Keto Chocolate Desserts

chocolate keto dessert

If you’re looking for the ultimate ketosis diet food list then you’ve come to the right place. Here, I share with you my favorite chocolate Keto dessert recipes! With just a few simple changes to your current diet, you can enjoy a delicious and extremely satisfying dessert once again. Who knows, it may even put you back into ketosis!

There is one extremely tasty dessert that you can make that will not only keep you keto-friendly, but will also satisfy your sweet tooth in a most satisfying way. Made with unsweetened chocolate and low calorie ingredients, this chocolate Keto dessert is guaranteed to quench your thirst without giving you the slightest guilt. They’re so out of this world awesomely delicious. And, if you’re looking for some more Keto diet and snack ideas then you should definitely check out The Keto Box.

Serve At Any Celebration

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A nice alternative to the traditional chocolate cake is this incredible dessert. Made using unsweetened chocolate and 2 tablespoon sweetener, this is a wonderful dessert to serve at any celebration or on its own. To make this delicious dessert all you need is a good bowl of blended cream, some uncooked eggs, unsweetened chocolate, a little bit of oil and vanilla extract. Simply blend all of the ingredients together and pour them into a clean bowl. Let the mixture sit for about thirty minutes to mix everything together and then gently spoon into a clean piping bag.

For this next dessert we’re going to have to tell you about one of our all time favorites: the chocolate almond cake. If you’re anything like me when it comes to food I could name at least a couple of delicious desserts that are vegan and gluten free. However, as with anything you love there will always be those days where you can’t get enough of it. I have loved chocolate ever since I was a little girl so when I found out I could eat chocolate without having to give up my favorite diet food I was thrilled! This is why I chose to make the chocolate almond cake. Chocolate Almond Cake is made by mixing almond flour, eggs, and a little bit of unsweetened cocoa butter.

Vegan Chocolate And Gluten Free Chocolate

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This delicious recipe for a chocolate mud cake uses both vegan chocolate and gluten free chocolate. You simply mix all of the ingredients together and place them in the freezer so that they can harden. Once the mixture has hardened you just take it out of the freezer and enjoy this delicious vegan dessert and tea!

This delicious recipe for a chocolate chip cookie uses brown sugar, soy milk, applesauce, and molasses instead of traditional milk and eggs. This recipe for a vegan and gluten free dessert should be made in a non stick pan or at least one with a non stick surface. The ingredients should be melted in the pan over low heat until the cookies are soft and fluffy.

The Vegan Chocolate Recipes

If you enjoy trying new flavors then you may want to try some of the vegan chocolate recipes that are available on interest. There are some really good ones that are great to try especially if you like something that is exotic like Amaretto or cashew. These kinds of desserts will also have a very rich taste, so if you are not used to them make sure you add in some extra sugar to compensate for the richness.

A nice thing about many of these recipes is that they come in different flavors such as mint or chocolate. A nice thing about these recipes is that they do not take long to make so you can have one delicious dessert ready in no time.


Another delicious dessert that you might want to try out is the chocolate mousse which is made by mixing avocado and cream cheese. You can also add some maple syrup and nutritional yeast flakes for a nice sweet flavor. This is another dessert that you can make using a low carb recipe for it that will have you eating less and feeling full. The only other ingredient besides the avocado and cream cheese is a pinch of stevia, which gives it a little bit of a kick.

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