Delicious Irish Dessert Recipes

irish dessert recipes

There are many traditional Irish desserts that are made by using Irish ingredients and make great gifts as well as simple desserts for your family and friends. The most common traditional Irish dessert recipes include such treats as the following: Macaroons, Puddings, Cream Puffs, Apple Ciders, Carrot Cupcakes and Slushee. Although there is a long and rich history of making pudding, it is more commonly referred to today as just “pudding”. Historically, this traditional Irish food was first eaten by English settlers in the 17th century. This is because this type of food began as a result of World War I. During that time, soldiers serving in the British army would bring home good food to share which became known as pudding.

An Overview

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If you love desserts but do not have any Irish or Celtic heritage, there are still many delicious Irish dessert recipes that you can enjoy. Many of the recipes you will find are based on fruit, although you will also find a good variety of textures and flavors. You will even be able to locate some recipes that are not based on fruit!

Some of the most popular Irish desserts include the following: Macaroons, Puddings, Cream Puffs, Carrot Cakes, Glazed Coffee Pudding, Pear and Orange Pudding, Jam, Coarse Sugar Cookies, and Treats Desserts. You will also be able to locate traditional Irish recipes such as: Irish coffee, Irish chocolate, and Irish sponge. Not only will you be able to locate many traditional Irish foods, you will also find some that are not traditional Irish foods such as: Cornish apples, Mexican food, Greek food, North American influenced food, Middle Eastern food, and Chinese food.

Great Traditional Desserts 

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One of the most traditional Irish desserts, in fact one of the most famous in Ireland, is the classic Irish coffee. This dessert starts by combining cream, coffee, and sugar. It can also have additional ingredients such as orange zest, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Some individuals add raisins to the coffee. Typically, this dish is served with a cup of coffee and is served at room temperature. It is then typically served with a crusty piece of bread.

One of the most famous Irish desserts includes the chocolate orange pie. This recipe is similar to the coffee, although it has a creamy flavor. The ingredients that are typically included in this recipe include: orange juice, butter, sugar, soda bread flour, and chocolate chips. If you would like to make this a creamier dessert, you may consider replacing the soda bread flour with half of a cup of plain yogurt.

Varied Dishes 

There are also numerous Irish food and drink recipes that you can try including: beer-steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, Irish coffee, raisins, and pears. These recipes are some of the most delicious desserts that you will be able to find. In addition to that, you will also be able to find plenty of Irish beverages to enjoy including: whiskey, gin, liqueurs, and beer. Although many people do not consider these items to be Irish foods, they are very delicious when paired with Irish foods.

In addition to that, you can also enjoy various Irish foods and drinks such as: beer, whiskey, gin, liqueurs, and coffee. It is possible to make your own Irish soda bread recipe by using the ingredients that are found within your refrigerator. You can make an Irish apple cake using the juice of the apples and the cake mix that has been prepared by using whole wheat flour, unsalted butter, and brown sugar. You can also find an Irish coffee recipe that includes the use of espresso beans, hot water, Irish coffee powder, coffee, and granulated sugar. Regardless of which type of Irish dessert recipes that you elect to make, you will be able to enjoy them when you pair them with Irish food and drinks.


When it comes to Irish dessert recipes, the sweet treats will include anything that is made from or contains chocolate. One of the best examples of this is the Irish whiskey sponge. This recipe uses the flavor of Irish whiskey and rum along with brown sugar and potatoes to create a moist, spongy pudding cake that is sure to become a family favorite. You can also find several Irish recipes for chocolate pudding, including one that is made from sweet chocolate ganache. Although there are a variety of other Irish recipes that you may want to try, you can enjoy a good Irish beverage and dessert by making your own Irish cream tea.

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