A Look at Some Recipes For Mini Cakes

mini cakes

Mini cakes are one of the most popular wedding favors. They make excellent wedding favors because they are small enough to be personalized, yet large enough to send a powerful message. These tiny treats can be purchased in any flavor or for any season. These treats are usually packaged in small clear plastic bags or boxes.

Mini Cakes often baked in individual ramekins with fresh berries and frosting or sprinkled with chocolate frosting and occasionally topped with fresh berries. Some mini cakes are shaped like traditional wedding cakes. These can be purchased in many different flavors, as well as traditional white, yellow, and orange flavored cakes. As these cakes are so small, they can be stored in the freezer until your big day. Use them as single layer small cakes or double layer small cakes. You can bake the single or double layers right out of the refrigerator if you do not have a prepared cake flavor.

An Overview

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It is not necessary to frost each layer when baking mini cakes. You can frost the top of the cake or use a plain frosting for the bottom of the cake. The filling can be made from anything that holds together well such as eggs, sugar, cream cheese, and condensed milk just to name a few.

Most recipes call for vanilla buttercream. This is a smooth pasteurized butter that contains the vanilla flavor. There are many brands of vanilla buttercream on the market today. The brand does not necessarily make the best buttercream. It is important to make sure the flavor of the buttercream is similar to the flavor of the filling in the mini cakes.

For this reason, many cake recipes include the chocolate cake toppers. These are usually small circles of chocolate frosting with a chocolate word cake topper. The chocolate word cake toppers are usually molded to look like a classic lettering such as “Merry Christmas”. If you want to be different, you can use frosting that has a different lettering such as “Evelyn” or “A Christmas”.

Mini Cake Recipes

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Another easy recipe to create mini cakes is the Meringue buttercream. This is also a very easy recipe to follow. All you need for this recipe is three pans. One large pan to which you add the meringue buttercream and one smaller pan to which you add the egg whites. Bring the two pans to room temperature then place the smaller pan of egg whites on the bottom of the larger pan. Pour the egg whites into the whites and then drop the second pan of chocolate on top of the egg whites so that they form a U shape.

A great way to decorate mini cakes is to drizzle some fresh berries onto the surface. For this recipe you will need approximately two cups of fresh berries and approximately four cups of powdered sugar. Take your electric pastry blender and blend the raspberries into the powdered sugar until they have been incorporated into the sugar. Once blended you can then drizzle over some more fresh berries and arrange them evenly on top of the cooled cake. Sprinkle some fresh pine nuts on top of the ramekins for a finishing touch.

Mini cakes are a fun treat that your family and friends will love. It takes a bit of time and effort but the end result is well worth it. The key to creating these mini-cakes is to start with a good quality food coloring but it does not have to be a traditional color. Instead try something that is unusual such as green, blue, purple, red, yellow and even orange.

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