9 Most Loved And Delicious Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Recipes

Have you been looking for some best options for dessert for your next party? You might have come across many options, but the match of chocolate and raspberry can surprise you with its delicious, heavenly taste. Yes, you heard that right. Chocolate and raspberry match is just like a match made in heaven. Here are some of the most loved and most famous chocolate raspberry dessert recipes that can be a mouthwatering treat for your guests at the party. 

Make Your Party Menu More Interesting With These Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Recipes

Let your guests feel more satisfied with the menu at your party with the delicious range of these chocolate raspberry dessert recipes.

Glazed Dark Chocolate Donuts

These donuts are not only fancy but also rich in taste and flavors. Serve glazed dark chocolate donuts with a combination of chocolates and raspberry warm so that the icing melts in your mouth with a flavorsome taste.

Raspberry Greek Yogurt Cake

People love this elegant-looking chocolate cake because it has a delightful taste and it is healthy as well. You can prepare this super berry cake by using freeze-dried raspberries. And the chocolate topping dripping down the sides can make your lips smack. 

Chocolate Waffles With Fresh Raspberries

If you are having a breakfast party, these chocolate waffles covered with raspberry topping can be your best choice. You can add some more toppings to add some twists to your recipe.


Have this dessert in your menu that is quite extraordinary, Zuccotto. It is a traditional Italian dessert made from cake, brandy, and ice cream. It features white chocolate, spongy cake, raspberries, and cream.

Raspberry Swirl Marshmallows

Another choice in chocolate raspberry dessert recipes is this raspberry swirl marshmallow that is perfect for the loved one in your life. You can prepare this delectable dessert using fresh raspberries, drizzling them with chocolate as a final flourish.

Retro Cake

The retro cake is a “no-bake icebox cake” made with gelatin, a chocolate wafer, and two kinds of berries. This recipe is delightfully easy, and you need to make it and freeze it overnight. 

Chocolate Covered Raspberries

Since raspberries are an exquisite fruit that might comprise full-on-dipping, this recipe covers them in two layers. First, a hardy fondant and after that a thick chocolate coating. Eat one of them at a time for heavenly flavored taste.

Chocolate Pavlova

This recipe can create a great impression on your friends. It is not a simple recipe but elegant, classy, and oh-so-chocolaty.

Chocolate Tart

This recipe results in a chocolate tart as pretty as a painting and can be a perfect choice of the desert for a date night. It requires a bit of effort to make, but the result is so worth it.


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Try one of these most loved chocolate raspberry dessert recipes for your next party and impress your guests as no one else can. These recipes can bring a ton of compliments and praises to you with a heavenly match of chocolates and raspberries.

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